Date: 2015

An uprising and next steps on the Olympic Peninsula

An uprising and next steps on the OP An angler uprising. That is what we felt over the past few months as momentum began to build towards the Fish and Wildlife Commission (the Commission) meeting this past Friday. And the payoff was a step forward for wild steelhead and the famed Olympic Peninsula (OP) fishery. … Continued

The Steelhead of The Tongass National Forest

The Steelhead of the Tongass National Forest:  A Brief Overview of Habitat, Life Histories, and Management By: Mark Hieronymus, Trout Unlimited Alaska At nearly 17 million acres, the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska is the country’s largest national forest. This complex landscape of western hemlock, Sitka spruce, western red cedar and yellow cedar is … Continued

Kitsap Sun letter Steve Burns OP Steelhead

LETTERS: State can help restore salmon stocks 3:22 PM, Dec 9, 2015 58 mins ago opinion | letters to the editor Steve Burns, Poulsbo State can help restore salmon stocks There are times as anglers where we must evaluate our lot — look at our rivers, their habitat and the health of their fish populations, contemplating the … Continued

Sean Gallagher on the OP: Remain vigilant. Continue Forward.

  Déjà Vu? By Sean Gallagher The wipers strained as sheets of rainwater slammed the windshield. It sounded as if one thousand marbles were bouncing off the roof—we swerved and just missed another puddle. If Larry and I turn around now we have the perfect excuse, I thought. Our destination on this dark, blustery, Saturday … Continued

Wild Steelhead License Plate

Have you ever thought, Oregon has a salmon plate, why not Washington? Well now is your chance to secure the opportunity as a Washingtonian to show your love of Washington’s state fish, the steelhead. WDFW has been working on a plate featuring a wild steelhead, but before this can become a reality they had to … Continued

Happy Birthday Wild Steelheaders United

By Shauna Sherard We made it. One year. 365 days passed. 365 steps toward a better future for steelhead. One year down. So many to go. There are those who thought we were crazy. Crazy in what we believed. Crazy in our attempt to unite anglers, to try to solve allegedly unsolvable problems that had … Continued

Finishing the job

By Rob Masonis Darn lucky. That is what I consider myself for having been able to make a living for more than two decades protecting and restoring the great steelhead and salmon rivers of the Pacific Northwest. The muscular, jaw-droppingly beautiful rivers themselves have provided plenty of inspiration for my work. But the wild steelhead … Continued

WSU: Good excuse to go fishing

  By Sam Davidson Among the better excuses for going fishing is to celebrate a birthday. One’s own, of course. But also your father-in-law’s, the 4th of July, Christmas, Rutherford B. Hayes’s, and your yet-to-be-born nephew’s. The point is that you can use “celebrating a birthday” as a legitimate excuse to go fishing for any … Continued

Steelheaders amass for Olympic Peninsula

  As a rule, public comment periods for proposed regulations are not sexy. They are not attention grabbers.  They’re not headline makers. Sometimes, they’re not even interesting enough to garner the attention of a single citizen.  For that you need protests.  Public displays.  But comment periods?  While they exude patriotism, practically stinking of the fundamentals … Continued

Oregon’s Nehalem River Fish Passage Project

Oregon’s Nehalem River Steelhead will Face Improved Passage this Year Oregon’s Nehalem River on the North Coast is home to some of the wildest winter steelhead in the region. It also hosts strong populations of chinook, coho, and coastal cutthroat, as well as chum and lamprey. The Nehalem is big water – some 120 miles … Continued