Posted By: Dwayne Meadows

Hoh steelhead downgraded to “Avoid”.

Here’s a some good news for all of you who took action recently on Olympic Peninsula steelhead: Seafood Watch, a program of Monterey Bay Aquarium that helps consumers make better seafood choices, downgraded the status of Hoh steelhead, moving them from a “good alternative” for consumers, to one to “avoid.” Earlier this year the program … Continued

Taking Action for steelhead

If the current state of our wild steelhead runs has got you “mad as hell, and not gonna take it any more,” it’s time to go beyond the Facebook like, the online forum whining, or the “it’s someone else’s problem” approach. It’s time to get involved. Participating in the sharing of information on social media … Continued

Steelhead 101: Using redd counts to estimate escapement of steelhead

  Last week we defined the terms run size and escapement. If you didn’t see the post, check it out.  This week we will discuss how fisheries managers actually measure escapement for wild steelhead using redd counts, and some of the challenges they face in doing so.     We begin with escapement because it … Continued

Steelhead 101: Escapement

One thing is certain — science is loaded with jargon. You almost need a PhD just to understand some of the technical language. While technical language is valuable to those that study and manage steelhead, it can also detract from sharing and explaining key messages – particularly in situations where various terms are bandied about … Continued

Seafood Watch Sends Wrong Message to Consumers about Olympic Peninsula Wild Steelhead

      The 2017 winter steelhead fishing season is in full swing on the rainforest rivers of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula (OP).  It is the first year under new sport fishing rules adopted by Washington State that prohibit harvest of wild steelhead, require use of barbless hooks and prohibit fishing with bait.   Wild Steelheaders United … Continued

We Are Wild Steelheaders

Wild Steelheaders United is announcing our “We are Wild Steelheaders Month,” a celebration of wild steelhead across their native range in the Western U.S.    For the next month we will be posting videos of anglers up and down the West Coast, discussing why wild steelhead matter to them. Anglers of all persuasions support better management of … Continued

Sportfishing Industry asks Trump for solid review of Snake River Dams

More than 50 fishing companies, trade groups and conservation organizations sent a letter today to President Donald Trump in support of taking a fresh look at removing four large dams on the lower Snake River to recover wild salmon and steelhead that once thrived in the Snake River Basin of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.   … Continued

6 Reasons sonar is so cool for steelhead

If you’re trying to manage steelhead, one of the more difficult tasks you will have is getting an accurate picture of what populations are doing over a given time.   Unlike many of their brethren, steelhead don’t put all their “eggs in one basket.” Runs are timed throughout the year, often during times of high … Continued

Suction Dredge Mining Reform Legislation Introduced in Washington State

Suction Dredge Mining Reform Legislation Introduced in Washington State Suction dredge mining is a largely recreational use of rivers and creeks, practiced by a small number of enthusiasts throughout the West. The impacts of this activity on fish such as steelhead and salmon, however, can be significant. That’s why Trout Unlimited and Wild Steelheaders United … Continued

The Wild Steelheader Dec. 2016

 December 28, 2016 It’s been more than two years since Trout Unlimited’s Wild Steelhead Initiative left the boat ramp. This initiative was born of committed steelhead anglers whose hope for a brighter future for wild steelhead is matched by their stubbornness in fighting for the improvements in habitat and policy required to realize this vision. … Continued