Posted By: Nick Chambers

Re-opening the Skagit River: More Work to be Done

For years, the story of the Skagit River steelhead fishery has been one of decline and loss. But that story is on its way to becoming one of renewal.   The submission of a Resource Management Plan by WDFW has breathed new life into the concept of an open catch and release season on the … Continued

Angler Science opportunities in Washington

It is that time of year again where we all get the opportunity to become citizen scientists on the weekend (basically, we get to have fun playing in streams).   I am happy to inform you all that – like last year – TU and Wild Steelheaders United will be conducting steelhead redd surveys in … Continued

How many steelhead can you fit into a school?

It depends on how old and big they are.   Over the past year we have talked extensively about the value of life history diversity in steelhead, and in particular, that a broader range in spawn timing – which results in a broader range of emergence for juveniles – can help ameliorate density-related impacts by … Continued

Science Friday: Tillamook Bay Steelhead

Do you ever wonder what we might be missing nowadays in terms of steelhead life histories? Although we can’t go back in time to answer this question, we can look at historic data — in this case from Oregon’s Tillamook Bay. By the 1940’s Oregon’s Tillamook Bay was a patchwork of homesteads and farms, appearing … Continued

TU comments: Proposed Changes to Listed Salmon and Steelhead Hatchery Programs

  December 20, 2016 Chris Yates Assistant Regional Administrator Protected Resources Division NMFS, West Coast Regional Office Attn: Claire McGrath 1201 NE Lloyd Blvd., Suite 1100 Portland, OR 97232 Re: Proposed Changes to Listed Salmon and Steelhead Hatchery Programs . Dear Mr. Yates:   Trout Unlimited (TU), the nation’s largest coldwater fisheries conservation organization dedicated … Continued

Important salmon-producing areas protected in final Tongass National Forest Plan Amendment

December 9, 2016 Contact: Mark Hieronymus, Trout Unlimited – Alaska,, 907-209-9770 Arne Johnson, Bear Creek Outfitters,, 907-723-3914 PRESS KIT AVAILABLE: including b-roll footage, photos and interview footage at this link. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Important salmon-producing areas protected in final Tongass National Forest Plan Amendment Sportsmen and businesses applaud new direction for country’s largest … Continued

A solid first step

Wild Steelheaders United praises submission of new steelhead management plan, process of reopening Skagit River for catch-and-release wild steelhead angling   As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, recent developments in Washington State give wild steelhead anglers and advocates extra reason for being thankful.   The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has prepared a … Continued

What happened to our Columbia River steelhead?

By now, you have probably heard steelhead returns to the Columbia are well below the most recent ten-year average. As a result, places like the Methow River will not be open to steelhead angling this fall.   In short, that is a bummer.   There has been much speculation about the causes for the decline … Continued

Juvenile steelhead doing what it takes to become a smolt: You grow in summer, I’ll grow in winter

Another Friday, another blog post on the science of steelhead. We love this day of the week! Our topic this week is the growth of juvenile steelhead.  Did you know that the growth rate of steelhead can vary depending on the season of the year?  This variation in growth rate can be considerable. There are … Continued

Steelhead biology for anglers

One thing you will notice about anglers who have spent a lot of time on the water, and I mean a potentially unhealthy amount of time on the water, is they catch fish. This can be frustrating to new anglers who are just learning to steelhead fish and spend many fishless days casting.   There … Continued