Wild Steelheaders United was established to educate and mobilize the numerous wild steelhead advocates wanting to engage in the Initiative. It is a place where anglers can become more informed about wild steelhead biology and ecology, keep abreast of policy issues, and learn about TU’s conservation work.

The goal of the initiative is to organize, activate, and educate a group of steelhead enthusiasts, regardless of whether a person fishes gear or fly, bait or lure.

As demonstrated by history, it is certainly possible to rally conservation-minded steelhead anglers to weigh in on a specific management decision that threatens to eliminate something they value, but there is no precedent for advancing a proactive, sustainable policy agenda at scale through purely volunteer efforts.

Chances of conservation success are greatest if we have the backing of as many individuals as possible across all the Pacific states. This is why Wild Steelheaders United is critical.

Learn more about our current work here.

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We steelheaders share a common vision of the future of wild steelhead and know what has to be done to bring them back. Together, we can make that vision a reality. With millions of dollars, countless staff and volunteer hours invested in restoring wild steelhead habitat, Trout Unlimited has launched the Wild Steelhead Initiative to make sure those investments (along with the efforts of countless other organizations) pay dividends. For more information please visit tu.org.