Conservation Atlas

Wild steelhead: a snapshot of population and habitat

These maps provide a means to explore mapped data related to steelhead distribution, populations, and habitats and can be used for exploring conservation opportunities or planning your next trip. Click on portions of the map to learn more about steelhead and conditions in your local watershed or elsewhere within the range of wild steelhead on the west coast (for tips on using the maps and example applications, see our User's Guide).

Conservation Atlas

Wild Steelhead Conservation Map

The Wild Steelhead Conservation Atlas presents map layers to help inform users on the distribution of steelhead, the status of their habitats, and opportunities for conservation. Much of the data presented is provided by the state and federal agencies responsible for steelhead management. Other data include Trout Unlimited’s Conservation Success Index and Steelhead Range-wide Assessment analyses.


Fishing Trip Planner

Wild Steelhead Fishing Trip Planner

The Steelhead Fishing Trip Planner presents mapped information on stream flows, local weather conditions, and links to creel survey and steelhead returns data provided by fisheries agencies in WA, ID, OR, and CA.


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We steelheaders share a common vision of the future of wild steelhead and know what has to be done to bring them back. Together, we can make that vision a reality. With millions of dollars, countless staff and volunteer hours invested in restoring wild steelhead habitat, Trout Unlimited has launched the Wild Steelhead Initiative to make sure those investments (along with the efforts of countless other organizations) pay dividends. For more information please visit