Trout Unlimited’s Wild Steelhead Initiative and Wild Steelheaders United is an ambitious and hopeful effort to protect and restore the wild steelhead.

Wild Steelheaders United is working to increase the number of officially recognized anadromous streams by using  community science – going to select Tongass National Forest watersheds and surveying the area for steelhead. 



Today, 70 percent of the major steelhead populations in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and California require federal protection and opportunities to catch wild steelhead have diminished dramatically in many rivers.

The Initiative and associated group, Wild Steelheaders United, is a new, organized way for anglers (regardless of whether a person fishes gear or fly, bait or lure) to become more informed about wild steelhead biology and ecology, keep abreast of the latest management and policy issues, to learn about wild steelhead fishing opportunities, and to become educated about

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Above all, it is a home to anyone who believes in the quest to protect these fish.

Steelhead are Rainbow Trout,
Not Salmon.
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New plan aims to recover native salmon and steelhead in California, reflects TU restoration and policy priorities

On January 30, Governor Gavin Newsom released a plan for reversing the decline of native salmon and steelhead in California. This plan, California Salmon Strategy for a Hotter, Drier Future, affirms that actions and policies long supported by TU, tribes, and fishing and conservation groups are key to recovery of native salmon and steelhead and their fisheries, and that strategic, sustained collaboration will be needed to implement these actions and policies.

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We steelheaders share a common vision of the future of wild steelhead and know what has to be done to bring them back. Together, we can make that vision a reality. With millions of dollars, countless staff and volunteer hours invested in restoring wild steelhead habitat, Trout Unlimited has launched the Wild Steelhead Initiative to make sure those investments (along with the efforts of countless other organizations) pay dividends. For more information please visit