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A Steelhead Story: The Legacy of Bill McMillan

In Washington by Greg Fitz

For years, Bill McMillan has conducted extensive annual spawning surveys across several key tributaries in the mid-Skagit River basin as an independent volunteer. At nearly 80 years of age, this life-long advocate and citizen scientist is passing the torch to a new generation of volunteers stepping up to continue his work.

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Young adults get their hands dirty for fish in Oregon

In Oregon by Greg Fitz

Each summer the Hand Crew Initiative brings together teams of Youth Corps, veterans and other community members to camp, learn about stream restoration and land stewardship, and improve headwater habitats in Northeast Oregon’s salmon and steelhead bearing watersheds.

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Science Friday: It’s not all about steelhead

In Science Friday by Gary Marston

We look at a new paper that digs into the factors leading harbor seal to prey on juvenile steelhead and the abundance of both coho and Chinook salmon during the steelhead outmigration window to understand how these pulses of hatchery salmon impact the weekly survival of steelhead moving through Puget Sound.