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Changes coming to Idaho’s Clearwater River steelhead season

In Idaho by Eric Crawford

The Clearwater River Fisheries Working Group was tasked with providing recommendations to IDF&G that addressed both complaints from the angling community and mitigation of impacts on fish and angling opportunity due to overlaps of the fall chinook and steelhead fisheries. Here are the proposals and results.

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New Support for Game Wardens on Washington’s Coastal Rivers

In Washington by Jonathan Stumpf

Wild Steelheaders United has partnered with our partners at the Wild Steelhead Coalition and the Wild Salmon Center to support Washington’s game wardens and have donated a variety of gear and technical equipment that has a retail value over $20,000 and gives WDFW Law Enforcement the ability to monitor many more miles of river and public lands.

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We must save Snake River salmon and steelhead

In Snake River by Sam Davidson

Chris Wood, President and CEO of Trout Unlimited, shares about his relationship with Shannon Wheeler, the Vice Chairman of the Nez Perce Tribe, and how Chris walks away a little wiser, and a little more passionate, about the need to recover Snake River salmon and steelhead every time he hears him speak on the issue.

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A new normal for steelheading

In Washington by John McMillan

In Washington, co-managers of coastal winter steelhead fisheries were faced with the difficult task this year of balancing angling opportunity and conservation. We break down the new emergency regulations and what the future may hold.