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Science Friday: What happens when you cram the big’uns in with the small’ins?

In Science Friday by steelheaders

We sure do love this beautiful weather! It’s almost the first day of June. Summer is officially within sight.   This week’s Science Friday goes back in time over 20-years to 1997.  We review a study conducted by Brett Harvey and Rodney Nakamoto. We have reviewed some of their work previously, which focused on habitat usage by adult steelhead.  Today …

Science Friday: Juvenile Density, Distribution and Habitat Capacity

In Science Friday by Nick Chambers

By John McMillan New Year, new Science Friday! Last week we looked at the concept of carrying capacity, how it is estimated, and the most important habitat factors used to come up with those estimations. This week we shift gears a bit and review studies that illuminate how patterns in fish distribution can affect assumptions about carrying capacity.   Recall …