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The Life Cycle of Wild Steelhead

In Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington by Nick Chambers

Well, it is steelhead season. No doubt. “Septober” is officially underway.   To celebrate the changing season we are re-posing the question that every serious steelhead angler should be able to answer in the affirmative: Do you really know a steelhead?     Think about it, we spend thousands of hours pursuing steelhead, but how much of that time is …

Science Friday: The life stages of juvenile steelhead

In Oregon, Science Friday by Nick Chambers

We have spent the last several weeks introducing and defining a variety of terms used in steelhead management. This week, we shift to looking at terms related to steelhead biology, specifically terms used to describe different life stages of juvenile steelhead.   Let’s start with eggs. These are the little round suckers that produce the fish. Seriously, everyone understands the …