Date: 2017

Steelhead 101: Using snorkel surveys to estimate adult steelhead escapement

Another week, another post on how scientists and fisheries managers measure steelhead escapement. Last week, we described redd counts and why they are an important tool. This week, we review snorkel surveys.   Snorkel surveys entail divers swimming in the river and visually counting adult steelhead. Like redd counts, snorkel surveys do not cover an … Continued

“Four is enough.”

A new battle cry for a grassroots movement to improve steelhead management without new regulations.   By Bill Herzog   Last fall on Oregon’s upper Deschutes, some of the most influential minds on wild steelhead gathered in Maupin for a “Steelhead Summit.” Maupin, center-punched into the heart of Oregon, is a tiny desert town famous … Continued

Steelhead 101: Using redd counts to estimate escapement of steelhead

  Last week we defined the terms run size and escapement. If you didn’t see the post, check it out.  This week we will discuss how fisheries managers actually measure escapement for wild steelhead using redd counts, and some of the challenges they face in doing so.     We begin with escapement because it … Continued

Steelhead 101: Escapement

One thing is certain — science is loaded with jargon. You almost need a PhD just to understand some of the technical language. While technical language is valuable to those that study and manage steelhead, it can also detract from sharing and explaining key messages – particularly in situations where various terms are bandied about … Continued

Wild Rivers, Wild Steelhead

What are the keys to successful wild steelhead conservation? What can you do to help this cause? How do steelhead differ from other salmonids in their sexual behavior? For answers to these and many other questions about wild steelhead, as well as some of the best steelhead stories ever told, please join Wild Steelheaders United … Continued

Seafood Watch Sends Wrong Message to Consumers about Olympic Peninsula Wild Steelhead

      The 2017 winter steelhead fishing season is in full swing on the rainforest rivers of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula (OP).  It is the first year under new sport fishing rules adopted by Washington State that prohibit harvest of wild steelhead, require use of barbless hooks and prohibit fishing with bait.   Wild Steelheaders United … Continued

Bill honoring Frank and Jeanne Moore reintroduced

Senator’s Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley reintroduced legislation today that would protect one of the country’s best remaining populations of wild steelhead.   The “Frank and Jeanne Moore Wild Steelhead Special Management Area” bill will safeguard more than 100,000 acres of habitat on the famed North Umpqua.   “Trout Unlimited applauds the determined leadership of … Continued

We Are Wild Steelheaders

Wild Steelheaders United is announcing our “We are Wild Steelheaders Month,” a celebration of wild steelhead across their native range in the Western U.S.    For the next month we will be posting videos of anglers up and down the West Coast, discussing why wild steelhead matter to them. Anglers of all persuasions support better management of … Continued

Steelheaders should stand up for small streams

      By John McMillan When we steelhead anglers think of steelhead water, we think of big, muscular rivers like the Skagit, Umpqua and Eel. We don’t usually think of small streams we can step across or even streams that go dry in the summer.   We should.   [Write your legislator today and … Continued

Re-opening the Skagit River: More Work to be Done

For years, the story of the Skagit River steelhead fishery has been one of decline and loss. But that story is on its way to becoming one of renewal.   The submission of a Resource Management Plan by WDFW has breathed new life into the concept of an open catch and release season on the … Continued