Date: 2017

Re-opening the Skagit River: More Work to be Done

For years, the story of the Skagit River steelhead fishery has been one of decline and loss. But that story is on its way to becoming one of renewal.   The submission of a Resource Management Plan by WDFW has breathed new life into the concept of an open catch and release season on the … Continued

Sportfishing Industry asks Trump for solid review of Snake River Dams

More than 50 fishing companies, trade groups and conservation organizations sent a letter today to President Donald Trump in support of taking a fresh look at removing four large dams on the lower Snake River to recover wild salmon and steelhead that once thrived in the Snake River Basin of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.   … Continued

6 Reasons sonar is so cool for steelhead

If you’re trying to manage steelhead, one of the more difficult tasks you will have is getting an accurate picture of what populations are doing over a given time.   Unlike many of their brethren, steelhead don’t put all their “eggs in one basket.” Runs are timed throughout the year, often during times of high … Continued

Angler Science opportunities in Washington

It is that time of year again where we all get the opportunity to become citizen scientists on the weekend (basically, we get to have fun playing in streams).   I am happy to inform you all that – like last year – TU and Wild Steelheaders United will be conducting steelhead redd surveys in … Continued

Oregon’s and California’s Smith River protected from foreign mining interests

20 year mineral withdrawal approved by Interior Photos by Ken Moorish Washington D.C. — Oregon and California’s Smith River got welcome news as the Department of the Interior approved a 20-year mineral withdrawal, protecting the river from proposed strip mining.   In recent years, foreign mining companies have sought to strip mine for nickel in … Continued

Suction Dredge Mining Reform Legislation Introduced in Washington State

Suction Dredge Mining Reform Legislation Introduced in Washington State Suction dredge mining is a largely recreational use of rivers and creeks, practiced by a small number of enthusiasts throughout the West. The impacts of this activity on fish such as steelhead and salmon, however, can be significant. That’s why Trout Unlimited and Wild Steelheaders United … Continued

How many steelhead can you fit into a school?

It depends on how old and big they are.   Over the past year we have talked extensively about the value of life history diversity in steelhead, and in particular, that a broader range in spawn timing – which results in a broader range of emergence for juveniles – can help ameliorate density-related impacts by … Continued