New Conservation Atlas and Trip Planner: Custom maps with the click of a mouse.

In Idaho, Oregon, Steelhead Files, Washington by steelheaders

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The mapping applications available on have just been updated and now include two new cutting-edge map viewers – a wild steelhead Conservation Atlas and a steelhead fishing trip planner. Both maps are presented in an interactive format, allowing users to select layers to show on the map, pan and zoom to an area of interest, click on layers for more information, and change reference basemaps.

The Conservation Atlas presents a curated set of map layers related to steelhead populations, distribution, habitats, and future threats. Much of the data – including layers related to steelhead distribution, fish passage barriers, intrinsic habitat potential, modeled August stream temperature, and public land status – are streamed directly from the state and federal agencies responsible for steelhead management, while other information is unique content generated by Trout Unlimited (including TU’s steelhead Conservation Success Index results).

The Conservation Atlas can be used to evaluate the condition of steelhead populations or habitats and identify protection or restoration opportunities. The Population Health and Conservation Strategies maps previously available on the Atlas pages are still available as individual layers within the new Conservation Atlas application.

The Fishing Trip Planner can be used to evaluate stream conditions for planning your next steelheading expedition. It presents data related to stream flow, weather, and a limited set of locations with links to the latest steelhead creel survey and returns data provided by fisheries agencies in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Click below for a step by step guide.

Steelhead Atlas User’s Guide[1]