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A Steelhead Story: The Legacy of Bill McMillan

In Washington by Greg Fitz

For years, Bill McMillan has conducted extensive annual spawning surveys across several key tributaries in the mid-Skagit River basin as an independent volunteer. At nearly 80 years of age, this life-long advocate and citizen scientist is passing the torch to a new generation of volunteers stepping up to continue his work.

TU Chapter Angler Science Assists ODFW

In Oregon by Nick Chambers

As we all know, shortfalls in funding for our fish and wildlife management agencies are an ongoing concern. Severe budget constraints play out in many ways that impact fisheries management and sometimes angling opportunity. TU and Wild Steelheaders United are working both on-the-ground and in the halls of state legislatures to address these funding challenges. One of the first important …

Science Friday: The life stages of juvenile steelhead

In Oregon, Science Friday by Nick Chambers

We have spent the last several weeks introducing and defining a variety of terms used in steelhead management. This week, we shift to looking at terms related to steelhead biology, specifically terms used to describe different life stages of juvenile steelhead.   Let’s start with eggs. These are the little round suckers that produce the fish. Seriously, everyone understands the …

Steelhead 101: Using snorkel surveys to estimate adult steelhead escapement

In Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon, Science Friday, Washington by Nick Chambers

Another week, another post on how scientists and fisheries managers measure steelhead escapement. Last week, we described redd counts and why they are an important tool. This week, we review snorkel surveys.   Snorkel surveys entail divers swimming in the river and visually counting adult steelhead. Like redd counts, snorkel surveys do not cover an entire river, but rather break …

Angler Science opportunities in Washington

In Science Friday, Washington by Nick Chambers

It is that time of year again where we all get the opportunity to become citizen scientists on the weekend (basically, we get to have fun playing in streams).   I am happy to inform you all that – like last year – TU and Wild Steelheaders United will be conducting steelhead redd surveys in Washington’s Hoh River and sharing …