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Timely & Accurate Fish Counts on Oregon’s North Umpqua River

Knowing exactly how many salmon and steelhead comprise a particular run is crucial for proper fisheries management.  Throughout wild steelhead range, agencies struggle with tight budgets and frequently, monitoring returning adults falls to the bottom of the priority list. Since the 1950’s the fish ladder and viewing window at Winchester Dam near Roseburg, Oregon on … Continued

WSU leading the charge on sonar

Occasionally, we get asked what Wild Steelheaders United is really doing to improve wild steelhead populations across their range.   We could start by mentioning that our habitat restoration and fish passage improvement projects are delivering big results in some of the last best wild steelhead strongholds in North America. In the past year alone, … Continued

The Wild Steelheader Dec. 2016

 December 28, 2016 It’s been more than two years since Trout Unlimited’s Wild Steelhead Initiative left the boat ramp. This initiative was born of committed steelhead anglers whose hope for a brighter future for wild steelhead is matched by their stubbornness in fighting for the improvements in habitat and policy required to realize this vision. … Continued

Washington’s most recent Wild Steelhead Gene Bank

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced their most recent Wild Steelhead Gene Bank designation which will be situated on the Grays and Chinook Rivers in the Lower Columbia. It is the final of four gene banks planned for the region.   “Gene banks are an important tool for the recovery of wild fish … Continued

The Wild Steelheader Jan 2016

  January 19, 2016 Hello, As I write this, we are deep in the heart of winter steelhead season. Snow levels have crept down in elevation and river gauges resemble roller coasters.  One thing is now certain: We finally have water. After a summer of lethal river temperatures and wildfires, is it ok to complain … Continued