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What is the relationship between freshwater and ocean growth and steelhead life histories in the Situk River

In Alaska, Science Friday, Steelhead Files by Kyle Smith

We are in the heart of winter steelhead season now. Some regions are experiencing poor returns of wild fish this year, while others are faring better. As steelheaders we ride the wave, from good years to bad ones and everything in between.  This week we are back with a Science Friday post on a recent study on wild steelhead in …

Science Friday: Why are half pounders declining in the Trinity River?

In Science Friday by Nick Chambers

When anglers dream of steelhead, they mostly fantasize about fish that have spent 2-4 years in the ocean and return to freshwater to spawn as full adults, packing four or more pounds and brutish power into their physique. However, one of the most common forms of returning steelhead in some rivers is not the adult, but the so-called half-pounder.   …

Are there any wild steelhead left? Yes, there is no doubt. But it is up to us to ensure their future and the fisheries they provide.

In California, Idaho, Oregon, Science Friday, Steelhead Files, Washington by Nick Chambers

A topic that is commonly raised in the steelhead conservation world is whether there are any “pure” wild steelhead left.   Before I answer, I want to take a step back first. There are two types of hatcheries. We have integrated hatcheries, where fish used for broodstock are taken from the same population in which they are planted. These are …