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The Roadless Rule & Fish on the Tongass: A Great Pair

In Alaska by Jenny Weis

Late last month, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) get one step closer to repealing the Roadless Rule on the Tongass National Forest. You may as well read that as: last month the USDA got one step closer to opening up some of the wildest, greenest areas on the Tongass – the best areas in the forest for fish and wildlife – to industrial, clear-cut logging of ancient, majestic old growth trees.

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Cutting TLMP threatens Tongass Steelhead

In Alaska by Nick Chambers

The incredible fishing opportunity in Southeast Alaska’s Tongass National Forest has survived despite years of timber wars across the region. Logging the impressive old growth trees of the Tongass poses direct threats to wild salmon and steelhead by increasing the amount of sediment in streams, raising water temperatures and removing key spawning habitat.   However, with a recent amendment to …

Steelhead 101: Using snorkel surveys to estimate adult steelhead escapement

In Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon, Science Friday, Washington by Nick Chambers

Another week, another post on how scientists and fisheries managers measure steelhead escapement. Last week, we described redd counts and why they are an important tool. This week, we review snorkel surveys.   Snorkel surveys entail divers swimming in the river and visually counting adult steelhead. Like redd counts, snorkel surveys do not cover an entire river, but rather break …

Important salmon-producing areas protected in final Tongass National Forest Plan Amendment

In Alaska by Nick Chambers

December 9, 2016 Contact: Mark Hieronymus, Trout Unlimited – Alaska,, 907-209-9770 Arne Johnson, Bear Creek Outfitters,, 907-723-3914 PRESS KIT AVAILABLE: including b-roll footage, photos and interview footage at this link. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Important salmon-producing areas protected in final Tongass National Forest Plan Amendment Sportsmen and businesses applaud new direction for country’s largest National Forest. JUNEAU, AK – …