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Rivers of Resilience – Asotin Creek

Asotin Creek is a tributary that drains into the Snake River near the town of Asotin in eastern Washington.  With a drainage area of 250 square miles, Asotin Creek is slightly larger than the Wind River, but also much smaller than the Yakima River watershed.  Like the Yakima, the basin is located in a semi-arid … Continued

Rivers of Resilience – Wind

The Wind River, a tributary to the Columbia River just above Bonneville Dam, is, at only 224 square miles, a substantially smaller drainage than the Yakima. It receives more precipitation and thus is dominated by forests and industrial timberlands. The Wind River has had some habitat restoration but nowhere near the extent of the Yakima, … Continued

Rivers of Resilience – Yakima

It can be hard to maintain faith in the steelhead world.  As noted in the recent article by Bill Herzog, it seems like we are losing wild summer runs faster than we can recover them. I would hedge that many, if not most, anglers feel the same.   Steelhead are not disappearing for lack of … Continued

What happened to my summer runs?

    Editors note: This is the first in a multi-part series looking at both the decline and recovery of wild steelhead runs.    By Bill Herzog Here I am, as far into the corner of eastern Washington as you can get, waist deep in the mighty Snake River, two hander whooshing around me every … Continued

Rules for catch-and-release of steelhead

There is no worse feeling than bringing a steelhead to hand and seeing the gills pumping blood.   Such experiences are one of the reasons that anglers have created flies that reduce deep hookings.  Still, fishing is a blood sport, and despite our best efforts, we ultimately cannot eliminate the potential for some mortality.   While … Continued

New Conservation Atlas and Trip Planner: Custom maps with the click of a mouse.

  The mapping applications available on have just been updated and now include two new cutting-edge map viewers – a wild steelhead Conservation Atlas and a steelhead fishing trip planner. Both maps are presented in an interactive format, allowing users to select layers to show on the map, pan and zoom to an area … Continued

Oregon HGMP scoping comments

March 17, 2016   Sent via email to:     National Marine Fisheries Service Sustainable Fisheries Division 2900 NW Stewart Parkway Roseburg, OR 97471   RE: Oregon Coast Hatchery EIS Scoping Comments   To Whom It May Concern: Trout Unlimited (TU), the nation’s oldest and largest coldwater fisheries conservation organization dedicated to protecting and … Continued

Rapid Genetic Change in Hatchery-reared Steelhead

Rapid Genetic Change in Hatchery-reared Steelhead By John McMillan Here is another paper hot off the press from Mark Christie, former researcher at Oregon State University in the Michael Blouin genetics lab, and several other authors. They looked into whether and how quickly genetic changes could be detected in the offspring of wild steelhead when … Continued

The Lost Coast

The Lost Coast The name alone is enough to get any steelheader’s pulse racing. Shrouded in myth and the coastal fog which often blankets this region, the Lost Coast of California is one of the cradles of modern steelhead angling. Legendary wild steelhead rivers such as the Eel, Trinity, Mattole, and Van Duzen flow from … Continued

Oregon’s loss of funding shows we’ve got work ahead of us

Loss of funding shows we’ve got work ahead of us  By: Dean Finnerty Oregonians have known for years about the need to clean up our act with regard to water pollution standards along our favorite salmon and steelhead streams in western Oregon.   That reality hit home recently. After the Oregon Board of Forestry ignored its own science and refused to … Continued