Mining & Transboundary Rivers: What do the Skagit, Taku, Stikine, and Elk rivers have in common?

In Alaska by Nick Chambers

  British Columbia is in the midst of a mining boom, with dozens of large-scale mines in various stages of exploration, development, and operation. Lax mining regulations and low standards for financial bonding have encouraged the industry’s expansion in the region, but at what cost? Many of these mine sites sit within watersheds of rivers — like the Skagit River …

Bill that protects Methow River from mining moves forward

In Washington by Nick Chambers

  A bill that would protect lands in Okanagan County from mining is moving forward after a markup in today’s Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing.   The Methow Headwater Protections Act of 2017, S. 566, comes on the heels of a 20 year mineral withdrawal, cementing protections for an area known for it’s agriculture and recreational importance in …

DeFazio: Smith is a place worth preserving

In California, Oregon by Shauna Sherard

In the first of three videos from the Oregon delegation, Rep. Peter DeFazio talks about why Oregon/California’s Smith River is such an important resource to protect. Get your comments in today to encourage the BLM and Forest Service to implement a 20 year mining withdrawal on the headwaters of the Smith.