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Lifelong love affair

In Washington by Sam Davidson

Science Director John McMillan accepted a new position with The Conservation Angler, which will allow him to do research on wild steelhead on Russia’s remote and largely intact Kamchatka Peninsula. WSI founder Rob Masonis provides his thoughts on what McMillan has meant to Trout Unlimited, and to wild steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.

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Steelhead Past to Present

In Washington by Jonathan Stumpf

In part two in the unveiling of our new report on OP winter steelhead, we dive deeper into understanding the shift in run and spawn timing, and how this research can help with recovery planning.

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Meet the team: John McMillan

In Meet the team, Washington by Kyle Smith

We’re rolling on with Elwha week with more content on the people that have helped make the Elwha the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. Today, we have the next post in our Meet the Team series featuring our Science Director for the Wild Steelhead Initiative, John McMillan. You may already know John from his Instagram account @rainforest_steel, or his Barbless …