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What You Can Do to Help Wild Steelhead of Oregon’s South Coast

In Oregon by Sophia Kaelke

Throughout their range, the odds have not been looking good for wild steelhead and in many cases ODFW and other agencies are taking steps to prioritize the long-term health of wild steelhead, as seen with closures to the Columbia Basin tributaries in Oregon. So, why won’t ODFW apply the same level of caution when it comes to the issue of harvest in Oregon’s south coast?

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Rogue-South Coast Management Plan: Public Comment

In Oregon by Dean Finnerty

After more than two years of development, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) recently released its Rogue-South Coast Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan (RSP) for public comment. We have the scoop on what’s in it and how you you can speak up on behalf of wild steelhead.

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ODFW Commission to vote on harvest of wild steelhead in Southwest Zone

In Oregon by Kyle Smith

By Kyle Smith For almost all steelhead waters up and down the West Coast, harvest of wild steelhead is not permitted. This policy is longstanding for many rivers and is based on a combination of factors (primarily the depletion of many wild stocks). And the prohibition of sport harvest of wild steelhead in Washington, Idaho, California, and much of Oregon …