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Update on Oregon South Coast Steelhead Management Plan

In Oregon by Sophia Kaelke

Last Friday, the ODFW Commission met to discuss the Rogue-South Coast Plan. The virtual meeting was open to the public and many anglers, guides and elected officials showed up to comment. Out of fifty comments focused on the issue of harvest, thirty-seven people testified in support of a catch and release alternative.

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Rogue-South Coast Management Plan: Public Comment

In Oregon by Dean Finnerty

After more than two years of development, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) recently released its Rogue-South Coast Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan (RSP) for public comment. We have the scoop on what’s in it and how you you can speak up on behalf of wild steelhead.

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Wild steelhead harvest in Oregon

In Oregon by Kyle Smith

Southwest Oregon is one of the only places in the United States where you can legally kill a wild steelhead. Regulations used to allow for one wild steelhead harvest per day, up to five per year, but in 2018 bag limits were reduced to one per day and three per year following a petition from a group of southern Oregon …

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Science Friday: Why is your lateral line different than mine?

In Science Friday by steelheaders

Most of us working on behalf of wild steelhead love our jobs. Still, after a long week we are ready to hit the water — and share some more Science Friday steelhead knowledge.   This week we touch on a study conducted by Andrew Brown at the University of Washington, along with several co-authors. The paper is here:   …